If you missed Timon Rossolimos's seminar on the 18th of April,
you can't afford to miss this!

Every tip... Every secret... Every technique I've used to become a master Forex trader and bank gains on 90% of my monthly trades is YOURS!

Discover how to put my insanely profitable Forex strategy into practice from the comfort of your own home

FSP Invest Forex Seminar DVD

Dear trader,
Over the past few weeks, my inbox has been flooded with hundreds of emails from traders who are gutted they couldn’t attend my Forex seminar on Saturday the 18th of April.
Many of them simply acted too late to grab one of the exclusive seats that were open for the event…
Others couldn’t make it to Jo’burg to attend the seminar…
A few even told me they had personal commitments they simply couldn’t get around…
But here’s the thing: My Forex strategy is so powerful… So good at accurately pin-pointing winning trades… And so easy-to-use, I don’t think it’s right that only 50 people know about it!

So if you missed my seminar on the 18th of April, listen up:
I want you to be the 51st person to have this proven trading strategy in your hands!
How’s that possible?
Because I arranged to have the whole seminar recorded on DVD for you!
And all you need to do to get your hands on a copy of this DVD, which explains exactly how my strategy works, is request your copy right here!

Yes! I don't want to miss my chance to
become a successful Forex trader!

I’ve made every Forex trading mistake in the book…
I’ve learnt the hard way… But you don’t have to!


Timon RossolimosHi!
I’m Timon Rossolimos.
Ten years ago, I didn’t believe Forex trading could be simple...

I thought successful Forex traders used complex systems that required a PhD to understand…
I believed the only way to make a reasonable income from Forex was if you were chained to your trading screen 24/7... I wasted hours at my computer screen pouring over company data and market analysis so dry, they made rusks look like ice-cream in comparison…
I believed the myth that only 20% of Forex traders will ever be successful and the rest of us were just fuelling their gains…
But I couldn’t have been more wrong! 

If you want to be a successful Forex trader,
you need to keep things simple

In my pursuit of a winning Forex trading plan, I studied (and put into action) just about every trading method out there…
I read over 120 trading books…
And attended so many trading seminars the number would make your head spin…
I was even mentored by some of the most influential traders in the country – including Igor Marinkovic (SA’s most successful ALSI trader) and mechanical trader extraordinaire Tim De Bois…
The result?
I discovered one thing: If you want to make money trading Forex you need to keep it simple.
And in the Forex Seminar DVD I’m going to show you exactly how simple being a successful Forex trader – the kind of trader who banks a profit from 90% of his monthly trades – can be!

Yes! I don't want to miss my chance to
become a successful Forex trader!

Trader to trader, I’ll show you how easy it is to
pull money out of the Forex markets!

Here’s what a few of the traders who’ve attended my events have to say...

“Very interesting and educational, I learnt a lot my overall rating for the Seminar 10/10” ~ C.H

“He is very knowledgeable! I rate the Forex seminar 10/10” ~ J. E

“It was an eye opener about the Forex market” ~ P.P

“He is an excellent speaker! 8/10” ~ D.K
 “Very informative and well presented” ~ Roy Draper
“Informative was valuable and gave one insight on Forex trading” ~ Mkhusele
“It is one of the best I have attended” ~ Alpheus Matuie
“Very interesting and educational” ~ Carrel Hanoke
“I could never time market entry correctly before. This workshop has helped me to identify the positions! My overall impression of the workshop: 9.5/10!” ~ Thys Uys
“Very informative, and very intense! The examples were ‘real world’ and the workshop definitely met my expectations” ~ Pierre Duvenhage
“Timon explains technical terms in a simple way. He gave clear techniques without cluttering my mind with any confusion. I give the workshop 10/10 - Excellent!” ~ Herman Steyn

After more than a decade trading the markets, I’ve perfected the best and simplest ways to make money from Forex… And even discovered exactly how to avoid the hard (and need I say expensive?) mistakes most of us make.
And now, I’m revealing everything I know about being a successful Forex trader on DVD.
Whether you’re a novice trader or have had a long trading career, I guarantee the tips and techniques you’ll pick up from watching my Forex Seminar DVD will help you make high-probability Forex trades over and over again.

From a detailed explanation on the only profitable trading patterns you’ll ever need…
To how to avoid the five deadliest mistakes all Forex traders make…
As well as how to ensure you always make more money than you lose…
In my Forex Seminar DVD, you’ll discover every secret I shared with the 50 Forex traders who attended my exclusive seminar.
And remember, these are secrets and Forex trading techniques that took me a decade of professional trading to learn and perfect...
It’s what I used to develop a trading strategy so successful, it routinely hands me gains like… 

A Forex strategy so effective, I used it to generate 210.15% cumulative gains in the last 12 months alone…
And today, you have one final chance to make my Forex strategy yours!

I use this strategy to bank an average of
R20,000 every month

Now you can master it in the comfort of your home!

Simply put on the DVD, take out a notepad, sit back and watch me walk you through every step of my proven Forex strategy.
This course will open your eyes to every opportunity to make money the Forex market offers you – not just this week… This month… Or this year… But for the rest of your life!
Plus, the advantage of having this course on DVD is you can go back over anything you want explained again…
You can refresh your memory as often as you like until my strategy becomes as second nature to you as it is for me. 

If you missed my seminar on the 18th of April,
DON’T miss this!

But I must warn you: If you missed my seminar on the 18th of April, this is your last chance to get your hands on every secret I divulged – including my Forex strategy, money management rules, tips and secrets.
There are only 30 copies of my Forex Seminar DVD available! Once they’re gone, that’s it!
Don’t make the same mistake!
Get your hands on a copy of this dedicated Forex trading masterclass DVD now.
And don’t worry about the cost either.
Because there is no event hire, no lunch bills and no event coordinator fees involved – you can get your hands on a copy for a fraction of the price that you would have paid for the event itself.
Order your copy of my Forex Seminar DVD today, and you’ll get it for the special price of just R1,499. That’s a fraction of the profits you can expect to make from your very first successful trade. 

Yes! I don't want to miss my chance to
become a successful Forex trader!

My Forex trading master class DVD is
unlike anything you’ve ever seen

It’s not a boring lecture…
It’s not a dry tutorial…
And it’s certainly not like any Forex trading seminar you’ve attended before…(You know the ones I’m talking about, they’re the ones filled with so many highfalutin concepts and confusing explanations you leave the room feeling more confused than you did when you walked in!)
Like I said earlier, I’ve been there, done that.
That’s why, in my Forex Seminar DVD I won’t run you through dry, boring, complicated theory you have no hope of remembering – let alone putting into practice to make you a better trader.
No sir!
What you’ll discover in my DVD are simple explanations, practical applications and the exact set of techniques, secrets and tips I’ve been using for the past decade to bank easy profits.
I’ll even throw in my exclusive Forex trading checklist so you have everything you need to start placing trades: 

Don’t miss out! You’ll discover much more than what most private traders learn in a decade.

And that's not all.

When you order your copy of this life-changing DVD today, I'll throw in an extra-special bonus... 


  Yes! I don't want to miss my chance to
become a successful Forex trader!

Meet my mentor as he explains his own Forex strategy in-depth for the first time


That's right!

I've persuaded own mentor, Igor Marinkovic, one of South Africa's MOST SUCCESSFUL trader I know, and the man who taught me my most important trading lessons when I first started trading, to share his own secrets of trading success with you.

This invaluable first-hand bonus master class straight from the mouth of one of South Africa's biggest trading success stories could be the difference between double and quadruple gains in your own trading portfolio.

You don't want to miss this! It could be the most valuable trading information you ever receive.

Order your copy of my Forex Seminar DVD right now!

Yes! I don't want to miss my chance to
become a successful Forex trader!

I look forward to arming you with the secrets to raking in big money from Forex trading,


Timon Rossolimos
Senior Editor:  Trading Tips
Head Analyst: Red Hot Storm Trader
Author:            94 Top Trading Lessons of All Time
PS: I really want you to give this a go – that’s why, when you order your copy of my Forex Seminar DVD today, I’ll give you a 30 day money back guarantee. If at any point during that period you feel my DVD can’t help you become a more successful Forex trader – a Forex trader who knows how to cut down his losses, and close more winning trades – simply return it for a full refund.
No questions asked!

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FSP Invest Forex Seminar DVD

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